Monday, December 19, 2011

Cozy Wine Cozies

In an effort to get these off to my aunt in time for her to gift them for Christmas, I spent my entire weekend knitting. My husband says I can knit in my sleep these days. I'm ok with that.

So anyway, I made these:

The pattern for the brown one is very similar to this Cabled Wine Gift Bag on Ravelry. I made my own adjustments to the pattern (for instance, I don't like knit bottoms on my wine bottles, it makes them slide). But it turned out very well, I think.

The patterns for the tan one (Nordic Wine Cozy) can be found here.

I thought I was done with my wine cozy kick after these. And then my mom informed me she wanted one. She also wants socks. I think I may take a break and knit for me come Christmas day, however. She'll get her socks. And her wine cozy. But I want to reap the benefits of my talent too! So I'm thinking of making some nice arm warmers. My desk at work is right by the window and my hands get cold.

Also, can I just say that we have no snow on the ground. Christmas is less than a week away and there isn't really even any snow in the forecast. While I don't relish the thought of snow, I do like a nice white Christmas.

I wish my husband wanted to learn how to knit. He could help with some dischloth knitting this week.

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